The Global Situation from an Ecological Point of View

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Today the situation on the globe is getting closer and closer to a great collapse. The way the humanity arranges its businesses leads to a financial crisis. The way people and nations collide can lead to cruel wars and conflicts. All this takes place on the background of the worsening ecological situation in many parts of the Earth.

The latest years have showed the smallest harvests and the growing number of countries suffering from lack of food products. Lots of countries have desperately low amounts of water. All these factors stay in a close connection to natural disasters caused by the global warming. The main destructive force of the greenhouse effect is the way it can shift climatic zones. As a result, regions with a hot and dry climate can turn into deserts in no time. This effect shows up now, though in lighter forms. That is why many Asian countries are almost starving.

Steps Taken by Governments

Green Ecology text on white backgroundTo avoid the collapse caused by natural catastrophes governments of many countries take certain steps to reduce the harmful impact of their activities. One of them is the governmental initiative of insulating homes in such a way that will not let them lose heat. One of such governmental plans is the green deal scheme that provides people with loans allowing them to improve their homes. These improvements always involve only those changes which can help to save energy. The idea of this plan is to cover the cost of the improvements with profits received out of the saved energy. Such plans together with development of new sources of energy can be quite effective at least in keeping the environment from further pollution. Besides, it can give the nature some time to recover and renew its purity and certain resources.

How the Crisis Positively Influences the Ecology

The global crisis is in some way useful for the environment. High prices for fuel made people drive cars rarely or refuse driving personal autos at all. Many factories have reduced the amount of the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide they give off due to reduced production amounts. Less exhaust fumes and carbon gases have reduced the greenhouse effect to a surprisingly low level. From an ecological point of view, this crisis is a great chance to restore the damage caused to the globe. Countries that use more bicycles instead of autos, use solar and wind power instead of traditional sources have already felt the positive sides of a reduced greenhouse effect.